With so much information about our industry available, companies can easily get swamped with data leaving them hungry to find an easier way to collect accurate sales information and convert it into handy real-time reports and visualization.tools
wellActivity.com - The only solution you will ever need

  •  Increase Sales

  •  Furnish fresh leads to your sales team daily

  •  Save Money

  •  Conserve Time

  •  Avoid Frustration

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Welcome to wellActivity.com

Brief Overview of Our Platform

Interactive Designer

  • Pick the data to display in your reports

  • Bookmark data for easy access later

  • Group data by "drag & drop" grid handles

  • Historical data at your fingertips online

  • Download reports into Excel

  • Interactive report designer

  • If-Else sorting of data

  • Delete - Restore data

  • Save your report layouts for later use

Mapping Made Easy

Operator's Database

  • Contains over 117,000 operators

  • Covers US & Canada

  • Most with email data

  • All with phone & contact data

  • Map by State & County

  • Map by Operator - color coded

  • Map by field or wellbore type

  • Map rig & permit spots

  • Show pipelines

  • Map your CSV data sets

  • Show complete well data in popups

  • Show major fields & plays

  • Measure distance between wells

  • Draw and annotate on map

  • Print maps in PDF format


Summary of Benefits


  • Best Prices in The Industry

Powerful Reporting

Market Intelligence

  • Daily Permit Applications

  • Rig Locations

  • New Operator Applications

  • Historical Price Data

  • Historical Operator Data

  • Historical Permit Data

  • Historical Production Data

Leaflet Mapping

  • Custom Base Maps

  • Heat Maps

  • Drawing Tools

  • Field Outlines

  • KML's

  • Shapefile Reader

  • And More

Easy To Use Grids

  • Completely Customizable

  • Sort Options

  • Data Grouping

  • Bookmark Data

Sales Leads & CRM System

  • Manage Customers With Click of A Button

  • Manage Accounts

  • Manage eMail Mailings

  • Powerful Sales Report Generation

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